Its official, has launched! October 5, 2017 13:56

Finally! It took quite some time to get things going, but here we are! At last! This Tuesday, 3rd October finally launched. Lots of work lies behind the page, uploading designs, configuring the website, and not to mention creating all the paintings. For now, there are 17 beautiful paintings online. Meanwhile, we have another 50 just waiting to greet the world. All of them equally beautiful and inspiring. 

Have a look around the webshop and let us know what you think. Greetings from me and mum, Maria Angeles Calero :)

/Erik, at

Its almost time to re-launch September 24, 2017 17:21

Finally, its been a while! But now its happening. The site is up and running. It is now fully possible to see paintings and purchase these online. Im also glad that its now possible to contact us directly if you are interested in the original piece of art. Im greatly looking forward to see how the site will develop over the next few months. The most exciting part of this is to have all paintings available online, for full access wherever you are in the world. 

Spanish water-color art with Swedish motifs finally goes global :)

/Erik, at

Motifs from Spain, paintings January 7, 2016 12:34

Art Prints, Angeles Calero, Spanish painter

Shortly before Christmas I had an exhibition in Nordstan, here in Gothenburg, one of the largest shopping centres in Scandinavia. New customers, as well as my regular ones came and had a look. It truly feels great to be so appreciated and receive so much praise. One of my regular customers has bought an astonishing 14 paintings! 

During my exhibitions many people ask if some of the motifs are from Provence in France, or Tuscany in Italy. Nowadays it’s very common to have been in Spain, but most have never seen the interior and do not recognize the locations I have portrayed. I suppose this is also one of the reasons I want to do more paintings, and to spread the beauty of Spain to a larger audience. 

Now, after my latest exhibition its time for rest but I’m sure I will gather my brushes and find new inspiration for more paintings soon.

/Angeles Calero

Longer deliveries and opening of the store November 11, 2015 19:22

Art Prints - Angeles Calero - Flower motif

The store has been tested and retested in a number of ways. Everything is now up and running and it is fully possible to shop for art. There are about 15 items for sale today. More will arrive shortly. In the near future about a hundred items will be online. I am very much looking forward to see how the shop will evolve. 

Note that as the shop has just opened, there are longer deliveries than usual. Allow at least three weeks until your package has arrived. All orders and deliveries will be handled with care. If you wonder anything just send an e-mail to 


/ Angeles Calero

Welcome to May 12, 2015 19:31

Art Prints - Angeles Calero

Welcome to my website,, where I show some of my art. Most of my painting are watercolours based. The motifs are usually from either the west coast of Sweden, especially around the Gothenburg area, or from Spain where Im also originally from.