About angelescalero.se

Welcome to my site

For many years I have had a wish to set up a good online prescence where I can publish my art for a whole new audience. After a good deal of work and technical assistance it is finally here. Naturally, as technical as these things might be, my true effort has of course been put into all of my art. 

The paintings shown on angelescalero.se are professionally photographed. The colours might be somewhat different from the original art and may also be affected by the screen settings on your computer. Still the outmost effort has been made to make the photographs resemble as much as possible the original paitings. Also, please note that the signature on the uploaded images have been removed. This has been done in order for the images to better fit into different formats, such as different poster and canvas sizes. 

When ordering a photo, we use professional manufacturers in the UK and the US. We ship worldwide with a low shipping cost calculated automatically in connection with the payment procedure. Posters as well as canvases ordered have an average fulfillment time of 3,5 days after purchase, after which they will be shipped. Items shipped to a destination within the UK are delivered within an average or 1-3 days. In the rest of Europe between 8-15 days, and in the rest of the world between 10-30 days. Tracking is not available. 

Note that you will receive a confirmation by e-mail of your order as soon as it is manufactured and shipped to your chosen destination of delivery.

All prices on angelescalero.se include taxes if within the European Union. If exporting to a third country, that is outside the European Union, tax (if applicable) will be added by that country's tax law. 

Please note that all paitings sold on angelescalero.se are photographs taken of the original pieces of art. The original paintings are located here in Gothenburg, Sweden. If interested in these, please contact us directly. Furthermore, we also organise open exhibitions. For updates on these, sign up for our newsletter or see the page: Exhibitions.

Our e-mail is: info@angelescalero.se

If you have any inquires do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you, and I wish you a most rewarding visit to our site.

/Angeles Calero