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The original piece of art

We glad that you are eager to know more about the original piece of art. Naturally, all photographs on the site are taken from the original piece of art itself. However, while photographs are easily stored, the original piece or art may or may not have been sold after having the photo taken. Moreover, sizes differ to quite a large extent. Some paintings are truly small, while others can be over a meter in width. 

In the ateljé there are currently about 100 original water-color art paintings, and even more when including oil based paintings. All of them are stored here in the ateljé, in Gothenburg Sweden. if you are interested in obtaining any painting shown on the site, please contact us directly with an indication of which painting you are interested in (the name of the painting). Furthermore, if you are interested in ordering new paintings with specific motifs or the like, feel free to contact us. 

When ordering a painting, it will be shipped directly from Gothenburg. Prices vary due to size and the nature of the artwork itself. For a comprehensive overview of all paintings, its advisable to have a look at the page: Decorative Canvas

You can easily contact us through the page: Contact

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Angeles Calero

Angeles Calero