Art Resumé - Angeles Calero

Maria Angeles Calero Martin

Born in Madrid, now living in Gothenburg, Sweden

As a small girl I loved to draw and paint, however I never got a formal education within the field. I began my studies in art in 1972 when I attended two courses in drawing at the "Academia de Bellas Artes" (School of fine arts) in Sabadell outside Barcelona, Catlunya - Spain. 

In 1973 I moved to Sweden where I took a longer break from painting. Something which I took up again however after a couple of years, and which has stayed with me ever since. Most of my exhibitions has been in Gothenburg, on the Swedish west coast. I have had exhibitions at the following venues:

  • Blå Stället, Angered/Culture centre
  • Centro Español/the Spanish Association
  • The libraries in Kärra and Biskopsgården
  • Culture House Backa
  • Klippan/Art Café 
  • "Hennes Mässa", Svenska Mässan/Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre
  • Nordstan/Shopping centre, summer and winter exhibitions, 1997- present
  • Mellan-Nääs/Nääs Castle
  • Galleri Odhenkrants & Koonce/Art Gallery
  • Kronhuset, Kronhusbodarna/Historic area, central Gothenburg
  • Käringsbergets Konstföreing/Art Association
  • Café Hängmattan/Art Café
  • Galleri Sjögången/Art Gallery
  • Rådhuset Marstrand/City Hall Marstrand

I love to paint landscapes in a realistic style. Boshuslän with all of its beautiful cliffs, rocks and fauna in all of its different shapes and colours. Another favorite motiv has been city motives from Gothenburg where i often during the summer can sit along a canal or in a park and paint, if the weather so allows of course. I also enjoy paiting flowers, prefereably in their natural enviroment. 

Angeles Calero